Prices include third-party insurance, full insurance with deductible and 24-hour towing assistance.

Medium Sedan Armored Level III-A Minimum daily rate* Maximum daily rate*
Toyota Corolla R$ 295,00 R$ 525,00
Audi A3 Sedan R$ 295,00 R$ 525,00
Large Sedan Armored Level III-A
Ford Fusion R$ 350,00 R$ 615,00
Hyundai Azera R$ 350,00 R$ 615,00
Premium Sedan Armored Level III-A
BMW 320i R$ 395,00 R$ 695,00
Medium SUV Armored Level III-A
Audi Q3 R$ 385,00 R$ 625,00
Kia Sportage R$ 385,00 R$ 625,00
Large SUV Armored Level III-A
Hyundai Santa Fé R$ 420,00 R$ 725,00
Toyota SW4 R$ 420,00 R$ 725,00
Mini-van Armored Level III-A
Kia Carnival R$ 445,00 R$ 775,00

*Prices are subject to change without notice